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Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein? Was ich zu den Deutschen und über die Deutschen in einem halben Jahrhundert gesagt habe

Author: Władysław Bartoszewski
Edited by: Marcin Barcz, Małgorzata Preisner-Stokłosa, Igor Kąkolewski, Piotr Bachurzewski
Series: Wendepunkte und Persönlichkeiten des Dialogs. Aus der Geschichte der deutsch-polnischen Verständigung. Volume 2
Publisher: Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Berlin and Warsaw 2022, 594 pages 


The book contains German translations of speeches on Polish-German relations made over the course of 50 years by Władysław Bartoszewski (1922–2015), one of the most recognisable participants in the dialogue between the two countries. The publication is also a testimony to the author’s experiences, spanning the period of World War II, communist rule in Poland and democratisation after 1989. 

Die Verfassung vom 3. Mai 1791 – Das Vermächtnis des Polnisch-Litauischen Unionsstaats

Author: Richard Butterwick
Series: Quellen und Darstellungen zur deutsch-polnischen Beziehungsgeschichte in der Frühen Neuzeit und im 19. Jahrhundert. Volume 1
Publishers: Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Polish History Museum, Pilecki Institute in Berlin, Polish Institute in Berlin, Berlin and Warsaw 2021, 186 pages


The Constitution of the 3 May 1791 was the first constiution in Poland and Europe. In what circumstances was it enacted? What was its significance for the the then inhabitants of Poland and for subsequent generations? What does this constitution symbolise and why is it still an important for the Polish historical identity? The author answers  these and many other questions in his comprehensive book.

Protagonista w cieniu. Enno Meyer w procesie pojednania Niemców w Polakami i Żydami

Edited by: Burkhard Olschowsky
Series: Przełomy i ludzie dialogu. Z historii polsko-niemieckiego porozumienia. Volume 1
Publisher: Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Berlin and Warsaw 2021, 232 pages 


The book tells the story of Enno Meyer (1913–1996), a German historian and high school teacher from Oldenburg. Family, colleagues, students and researchers remember Meyer, a former Wehrmacht soldier who, after the Second World War, was committed to the reconciliation of Germans with Poles and Jews. He presented the dimensions of Nazi crimes to his students, building a culture of remembrance based on discussion and democratic values. 

Szkolne podręczniki do nauki historii w Galicji

Edited by: Bogusław Dybaś i Igor Kąkolewski
Publisher: Polish Academy of Sciences – Scientific Centre in Vienna, Vienna 2018, 171 pages


The book was inspired by the project for a Polish-German history textbook. During the works on the it, a question came up about history teaching in the Habsburg Monarchy. This led to a symposium organized in 2016 in Vienna. The book contains speeches delivered there about Polish research on history teaching in Galicia, a former Austro-Hungarian region covering parts of today’s southern Poland.