Castles and Gardens of Neumark

Castles and Gardens of the Neumark, edited by Andrzej Tomaszewski, Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger and Markus Jager, is a series of Polish-German publications about the castles, manors, farms and parks located in the former Neumark, a historic German region that is now part of western Poland. Each publication presents the history and architecture of one place, with its former German and present Polish name serving as the title. The series is published by our partner, the Circle of Friends of the Castles and Gardens of the Marches, under the patronage of the Polish Ambassador to Germany and the Prime Minister of Brandenburg.

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Arensdorf / Jarnatów


Charlottenhof / Sosny


Dölzig / Dolsk


Driesen / Drezdenko


Gleissen / Glisno


Hanseberg // Krzymów


Königswalde / Lubniewice


Lagow / Łagów


Mehrenthin / Mierzęcin


Pförten / Brody


Schönrade / Tuczno


Sorau / Żary


Wildenbruch / Swobnica


Wilkau / Wilkowo


Züllichau / Sulechów